Monday, June 23, 2014

Taking on our biggest project

We have been planning for some time to get our land fenced in for the sheep and it is finally becoming a reality.  We researched who had the supplies we needed and went with Straight A's, just outside of Minerva, Ohio .  We found they had everything we needed, plus advice on 'how to'  when you are putting up fencing yourself and have never done it before.

Last week we had a local man come and pound the posts into the ground that was a sight to see.  He was actually pretty fast.  Once we had an understanding of what to do we were able to keep ahead of him.  It took six hours to get all the posts into the ground.  Thank goodness we've had alot of rain, as this made it easy to get across the top of the hill, which is very hard shale ground.
This week I hope to get the woven wire up, as I have taken a week off of work and with the help of our 'great friend' Dave, we are getting alot done.
 The largest part of the fence will run through the woods, which I didn't take a picture of and will probably be the most difficult part.  But, this will be sooooo nice when it is done, I can't wait!
The roll of woven wire in the pic. was part of the old fencing, which I will still use as part of an interior fence.  It is nice to have a couple of separate fenced areas so the sheep can be moved around to rotate into the pastures, which means leaving the grass grow in one area for a while without letting the sheep in so it can grow, then moving them back into that area and out of another area to let it re-grow.
~hence, it is called 'rotational graising'.
That's all for today, plan to post our progress as we take on our biggest project.

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