Thursday, April 29, 2010

Claire's little girl

What a precious little girl ! She has more white on her than the others do, I'm hoping that she might change in color, as I have several black sheep. She is a keeper, this is the second ewe we've had born on our farm.

Claire's twins......blessed with a ewe this time...

I'm sooo excited.....finally our first ewe lamb of the season. The ram lamb is black of course with a small amount of white on the top of his head. Our little ewe has some white hairs in her ears, on the back of her ears ,on the top of her head and little white hairs on her muzzle. I hope she changes color as she gets older. This is the second year I've used my black ram, last year we had 7 lambs, 6 black and 1 moorit. I kept 5 of the black lambs from last year and they have all held their color.

trying to escape from their pen with mom

It didn't take these guys long to figure out that they can escape throught the wire panel at the front of their pen. I've had to set bales of hay in front of them to keep them from escaping. They have a good time when they get out, running around, but it does tend to upset mom.

Gwendolyn had Tripletts !

What a wonderful mother, she is very aware of their every move. I didn't expect tripletts, what a surprise. All three are rams, one black, with a patch of white on top of his head, two are dark brown, one is solid brown, the other has a patch of white on his head.

Dressed for the weather....

A photo of my girls in their lovely winter coats, along with our black ram, Mortimer.

Winter, 2009