Tuesday, September 3, 2013

sheep for sale

For now, I am pulling pictures taken a couple of months ago.....
The picture above is one of a four katmoget ram lambs that I have available for sale, each of them has a very desirable fleece, uniform and crimpy.  Another ram that is available is solid black with good correct horns, his fleece is also very nice! 
$350.00 /Ram

I have a few ewes that I would like to see move on to new homes, these are good hardy ewes.  As long as I have them I will use them in my crossbreeding program for market lambs.  I have bred them to my shetland rams in the past and do have some very nice ewe lambs from them, it's just time to make some room and make some of these ewes available. 
Since we are getting into the breeding season soon, I will consider offering some of these ewes for sale as being bred or exposed to my ram.
$250.00 /Ewe

At this time I have two ewe lambs that I would let go as unregistered for $100.00 each.
Moorit ewe born in February, she could be bred this fall. 
Fawn ewe born in April, she is nice, Moorit based coloration, dark brown legs and head, body coloration is lightening up to maybe fawn, as her lamb coat grows out, nice crimp is developing in her fleece.

email me if interested in these possiblities....