Saturday, October 8, 2011

Algonquin Mill Fall Festival

We couldn't have asked for better weather for our festival this year.  This was a shot of our spinning cabin that we sell are ware's in and about, some morning conversation before the day began.  The fire felt good in the early morning, but it wasn't there for us, notice the pots around the fire.  We have dye pots going during the festival, making for some wonderfully dyed skeins, wool or what ever your heart desires.

another shot of the spinners cabin with various items to sell.
Notice the beautiful fall leaves in the background.
Hand made shawls and scarfs for sale.

Many, many wonderful skeins of handspun yarn for sale.

This is the Two Story Log Home that our Guild staffs, along with the spinners cabin.  This is a beautiful cabin that was moved to the Algonquin Mill Complex.  My pic. is not the best due to the morning sun .

This is one of the downstairs rooms in the two story log home.  This would have been the kitchen area, we usually have two demonstrators in each room of the home.  Notice on the right, the barn beam loom.  What a massive loom!

This years festival have been wonderful, I've met many new friends this year that I've invited to come and visit us at our monthly meeting in the School House.  We meet the 3rd Saturday of every month, from approx. 10am to 3pm., anyone / everyone is welcome to visit.  We have one more day to enjoy our festival and hope to meet more new friends then.
...til I can post again, may your fiber stash always be full and your spinning wheel always whirring.........