Saturday, May 3, 2014

2014 Tally

We finished our lambing season with 33 lambs from 20 ewes, having 18 ram lambs and 15 ewe lambs.
We had a few more single births than I would have liked to see, mostly from my crossbreds, but still finished with 165% increase.
Having a quick look at these lambs I am thinking of keeping 6 ewes and 7 rams.  I've sold some of the crossbreds while they were pregnant and will be culling out some that don't make the grade with their fleeces this year, so I will have room for the new additions.  Although I don't need 7 more rams, I am hoping to keep these for a while to assess them as they grow and hopefully have some really nice quality rams to offer for sale this fall.

Great Lakes Fiber Show is coming up the end of May, so anyone interested in fiber and animals really needs to plan to come.  This is a nice event with over 80 vendors, again this year our guild, The Algonquin Spinners & Weavers will be helping with the fleece judging.

So make plans to go and stop by and say, "Hi"!