Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ram lambs available

I have posted some pictures of two ram lambs that I have for sale.  Please look under the "for sale" tab.  I've recently updated my blog format and am still working on it.
These two rams are 3weeks old today.  They have unique patterning, take a look.  More pictures will be posted as they continue to develop.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three deliveries in one night...

I've been checking on these girls for over a week, late in the evening then again early in the morning.
Well last night I didn't go out and check on them.  To my surprise, this morning all three of my ewes delivered twins...last night.

This is Lacy with ram and ewe lambs, both black like her.  Hope they keep their color.

Meet Galaxy, she gave us twin ewes.  She was bred to an HST ram.

sooo cute, they both have white spotting on their faces, my guess is that their color will change.  Can't wait to see.

This is Constance, with two lovely little moorit ewes.  The sire is Clyde, our moorit ram with a micron avg. of 24.6

Can't wait to see these girls develop, right now they are dark brown, but they both have sugar lips and one of them has white hairs in her ears.  My guess is that they will lighten up, but it doesn't matter.  I just love all those shades of brown.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flora's lamb

I didn't expect Flora to be the next to deliver, she hadn't developed much of an udder yet.
Boy will they surprise you sometimes. 

Flora delivered this single ewe lamb this morning.  She appears to be a dark moorit with a little bit of white on the top of her head.  The sire is a HST ram.

Only three to go, the tally so far......7 lambs, 4 ewes, 3 rams.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Excelsis comes through with a ewe lamb

We spent several hours in the barn last night to assist with the delivery of this single ewe.  I really thought that Excelsis was going to have twins at least.  She was so big. 
But, just one good sized ewe lamb.
Isn't she a cutie?  Does anyone have any idea of what pattern or marking she would be considered?  As you can see Mom is solid moorit and Dad is Grey, badgerface. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Claire has triplets!

This is Claire, Reg# S21316.  She is the last of my ewes to deliver that were bred to Mercury #W00735.  For the last week I have been going out at night and checking on them and again in the morning.  This morning when I went out one was born, it didn't take very long and the rest followed.
Claire ended up giving us two rams and one ewe lamb.

 This little guy was the first one born, he is spotted, appears white but under that baby fluff he is grey.

This is the second born a ewe, has katmoget pattern.  I think she will be grey, she didn't get cleaned off very well yet, but of course mom's a little busy right now.

This is the third born ram, much darker, definitely spotted, not certain about color.  Appears moorit maybe since around the eyes he looks to be brown.

Group photo!

another group photo.

These girls are due next.  Excelsis on the left is due today.  Hopefully we will have more lambs yet today and Constance on the right is as big as can be for her little frame, all uddered up and ready to go.  Hopefully both will have lambs yet this weekend.