Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fencing project: Day 3

Well....I think this is day 3 of working on the fence.  I thought I better number the posts, since we will be on this project for a while.  We really need the weather to cooperate with us, we have gotten so much rain the ground is completely saturated.  We have not tried to work in the lower corners as we would be buried to the top of our boots in mud.  So we are working on the high ground.  We have completed putting in all the brace posts.....yesterday....YEAH!!!

We have finished putting up the inline strainers on two corners and one end (the wire with a ratchet) and will continually 'ratchet' them as the weather changes to keep the corners tight.  We still have three corners and the other end to do yet.....and of course while the man was here to pound the posts in, we had some extra posts.  So I had him put in three extra corners for my interior fence.  The interior fence is some thing I can work on later, my main focus right now is to get the perimeter fence up so I can get the sheep out in the field. 
Hope to have an update tomorrow for what we do today!

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