Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fencing Project: Day 7

WE DID IT !!!  We have completed our fencing project.  I have been wanting to get this done for soooo long and now it is completed.  I want to say, a big THANK YOU to my son, Brian, friend, Dave and my husband, Lloyd for spending their time helping me.  I could have never done this by myself.  I know the next time I drive down the road and see a stretch of fence, new or old that was run I will appreciate all the work that I know was put into getting it up.  Most people don't think twice about something like this, but there is a lot of 'now how' that goes into a project like this.

I still have work to do on the interior fencing, but I can work on that at a more leisurely pace. 
I temporarily tied off the new area of pasture so I can gradually introduce grass back into their diet, I loaded them up on hay prior to turning them out into what I call a paddock.  Once they've eaten this down I plan to let them graze the interior fenced area a couple of days before letting them out into the larger pasture.

I have hopes of cleaner fleeces too.....this will be another post as we will be working on coats for some of the sheep.

Hope everyone enjoys a day of rest today....I know I certainly will.
Take Care,

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