Sunday, April 30, 2017

#118 Luna

Luna delivered the katmoget ram lamb with a spot on 
Saturday evening (4/29/17), she is a first time mom.
Luna was bred to ram #26,Gwynevar Du Roy , a polled grey katmoget ram.
This little ram is probably the finest fleeced ram lamb that I've 
had born this year.  If someone is looking for a super fine shetland 
ram lamb that will probably be polled he is available.

One more to go before we can report our lamb totals.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Homemade creep feed gate

The girls have been yearning to get out into the grass, so the last few days I have 
been letting them out in the late afternoon until dusk.
Making them come into the barn and settle in for the evening.

Today's post is about my homemade creep feed's as simple as it gets.
You can go and buy a nice metal gate with spindles that turn as the lambs go through
You can make a homemade gate for much less and it serves the same purpose.
This is my basic gate.  I use inexpensive furrowing strips of wood that are 
8 ft. long from the local Home Improvement store.
I'm guessing that I used 8 boards for this gate.
I didn't get measurements on the gate tonight, I'm guessing it to 
be about 36 inches tall and 8 foot wide.
 This bottle baby is my "model".  You can see he is in front of the gate, 
 he is able to slip through the slots.  The slots are about 6 inches wide and about
10 inches tall.  You can see behind the lamb that I have two 8 ft boards next to each
other, this was added later to keep the yearling ewes from slipping through the gate
and eating the lambs pellets.  By adding the second board it has decreased the 
height to about 7 1/2 inches tall, keeping  those ewes from getting into the lambs space.
Pic. above shows how the lambs maneuver through the slots in the gate.
Some of the slots are a little wider than others and the lambs will learn 
which ones they can fit through better as they use them.
As my yearlings fill out and mature I will be able to remove the extra board
from the gate which will increase the height for the lambs.
It's pretty simple to make, I have several gates  that I've made using this wood.
They are not something I would use for a ram pen but they work just fine with the 
ewes and they are light and easy for me to move them around.
This is a view inside the lambs area.  Accessible only to the lambs.  They have
feeders that have lamb pellets in them constantly so they can eat at their leisure.
The gate off to the right is another creep feed gate that I have that needs some repair.
But I have flipped it over to use it as a regular gate, so I get double duty out of 
these gates too.  Just another tip if you are trying to keep your costs down.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#52 Sophia

 We have been long awaiting Sophia to deliver these two.
I was hoping for a moorit gulmoget.
But we got one black gulmoget and one black with some 
white markings on top of his head.
Both are rams.
Sophia was bred to Tardus Radd.
Tardus was bred to several ewes, solids and katmogets 
and all the lambs have come out black or
black gulmogets.  I think he may are go to guy to 
produce more fine black fleeces.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Skirted fleeces

 As time allows I've been skirting fleeces.  Above is a
gorgeous fawn fleece.  These will be available for 
 another beautiful fleece, an off white, cream color with some
light brown also is fleece.  Check out that staple length!
 another great fleece, this is what I love about the breed.  If you process
the fleece yourself you can separate it by color, spin it up and
have two to three different colors from the same fleece.
 Oh yeah!!  That is a mioget fleece above.
For those not familar with "mioget" it is a color
I just love and don't have alot of.  I would describe it as
a buttery blonde....if that makes any sense and yes this fleece will 
be for sale at The Great Lakes Fiber Show.
Another fine fleece with variations of creamy white, light grey 
and some darker grey.
All the fleeces I will be taking to sell this year are clean.
I invested in coats for the sheep and the wool is very clean 
from veggie matter.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Chloe delivered these lambs, a  ram and ewe.
She was bred to my Border Cheviot ram.
This is the last of the lambs I expect from the Border Cheviot.
I bred four ewes to him and got 9 lambs, all nice looking lambs too.
I expect another ewe to deliver soon and two more that will be 
a little farther out.  As they were originally with a lamb ram in the fall
and did not get bred by him, so when they came into heat later
I put them in with another ram. So these will be a few weeks out.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Martina delivered twin ewes this morning.  She was bred to
Tardus Radd.  The best pic. I could get without disturbing 
Mom and babies too much.
Both lambs have the gulmoget pattern.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Jasmine delivered these two ewe lambs early this morning.
She was bred to Tardus Radd, another new ram we have here.
I put Tardus on four ewes, Jasmine is the first to deliver.
The others shouldn't be far behind.
One is black, the other is this little black based gulmoget.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Butter Cup and Audrey

Above is Butter Cup she was bred to my Border Cheviot ram and 
produced these two cute ram lambs.
She delivered on Friday, March 31st.
I haven't had time to post them until now.
Friday our son was married so we have been extremely busy.
When I first learned of their plans to marry on March 31st the first 
thing I was thinking in my mind, "oh no"....we will be lambing then!
But we have survived! 
Another pic. of Butter Cup's lamb.  The Cheviot's are know for their 
distinct erect ears and it shows here.
  Above, Audrey delivered these two ram lambs this morning.
She is a daughter of Butter Cup and was also bred to the 
Border Cheviot ram.  Audrey has a nice fine fleece, but 
this was her last chance here.  This is her third time delivering lambs,
she has had twins every time but would only accept one lamb and 
was brutal with the other.  So much that I had to take it away 
and bottle feed it.   Well this time I am pleased to see that she 
has had twins again but is also being an excellent mother and 
taking care of both lambs.