Sunday, February 19, 2017

Prepping for shearing

While we are experiencing some exceptional weather this year for February, 65 degrees today and five more days, reaching into the 70's....whoo hooo!.  I am taking advantage and prepping the sheep for shearing.  Trimming hooves and will be giving CDT shots soon.
 This is Gordon, a Cape Flecket ram I had the privilege to get this past year.
His fleece was rooing so I went ahead and pulled most of it off and took
the scissors to the little bit that didn't want to let go yet. less to have sheared by the shearers.
I haven't seen alot of shetlands with this pattern and we hope to
work with this little guy and see if we can bring it out with the 
ewes that we have.  It may take a few years but I think he is interesting 
and we are going to see what we can do.

I did use him on a few ewes this fall, so I'll keep you posted.
Although...If I do get any offspring of his that are ewes, they 
will not be for sale.  You gotta hang onto them to breed them
back to another ram with the pattern -or- line breed to bring the 
pattern out. (we do have access to another ram that carries this pattern).

That's all for today...