Friday, November 18, 2016

Carmen's fleece

This week I was taking a look at some of my lamb's fleeces
while trying to figure out markings so that I can get them registered.
I was completely shocked when I took a peek at 
Carmen's fleece below;
I didn't expect her to go this fine!  Her dam, Claire was the first sheep
I ever bought back in the fall of 2007.  Claire was bred to Axel,
a really nice scurred(very small if any) Katmoget ram that 
was sold earlier this year to Mac in Pa.
When Carmen was born I wasn't impressed, but her mom, Claire's fleece was 
nothing special (i was new back then and didn't know any better).
Well it has taken 7 months for this fineness to come out and be seen.
If you click on the pic. to make it larger you can see what the tips looked 
like when she was a lamb...nothing special, about an inch after that their 
is a medium crimp to the fiber.  Now next to the skin you can see the 
fineness and crimp.....Yea! 
I am so happy to have this ewe in my flock, some old lines of Shetland through her
Dam, Claire and the Fineness of breeding with a plan from her Sire, Axel.