Wednesday, July 24, 2013

United Quilt Guild Show

This past weekend was a busy one.  Some members of the ALGONQUIN SPINNING AND WEAVING GUILD helped with the demonstrations during the three day show.  I have no pictures to publish due to my camera malfunctioning.....I think it is time for a new one....just an FYI for those who have a printer dock for their camera.....BE SURE TO BUY THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES ONLY!!!!

I did not realize there was a difference and I've ruined my camera... the bad camera cost me $400.00 about eight years ago, the good news the new one that I am looking at cost $200.00 and has better zoom and larger pixels than the old one.    Live and Learn.

anyway,  the quilt show.  Their theme was "quilts of the underground railroad".  They did have some beautiful quilts and some educational speakers regarding history and quilts.

We did provide an awesome display of weaving on the triangle loom, rigid heddle loom, spinning with the great wheel, spinning wheel and drop spindle.  Along with many beautiful items made by those demonstrating.  It is always enjoyable to talk to all of the people who passed through and watched, asked questions and told stories of their mother or grandmother who had a loom and wove rugs for their family.

And sparked some interest for those wanting to learn to spin and weave.

It was a great three days of demonstrating and a pleasure to meet so many nice folks!