Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fencing project: Day 6

No picture today.....I was too tired to walk back there again..  We had trouble of course, fussing around the next corner, between a tree root that we had to use a chain saw on and a good dip in the ground that we had to add a T-post in the line just to help with the angle as we worked through the corner.

After several hours spent getting around the corner, we did manage to get the rest of the roll of wire unrolled and stretched just beyond this corner.  Crimping another roll of wire together and temporarily tying it upright to the posts.  I had to go to the hardware and buy new bolts, washers and nuts for the woven wire stretcher as we had one fail and had to cut it off....small price to pay as we wouldn't have been able to do this job without it.  We stopped at this point calling it a I feel whipped!

The next stretch, should go well and hopefully we will make the final stretch in our next workday....finishing the job........I hope.
Stay tunned.....

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