Thursday, July 30, 2015


This little ewe was my SURPRISE! last friday.  I walked into the barn with my son, he was helping me with some cattle panels.  I looked down and there stands this new little lamb. I was shocked! I didn't have ANYONE that I was expecting to deliver. 
Right away we knew who mom was, instantly I recalled that when we were lambing in March and April this particular ewe didn't deliver.  I figured that the particular ram I had her in with was just being lazy and didn't catch her.  -well that was the case with him....but this little lady is spotted and that is only coming from one ram......Grand Luxe.  

She certainly was not expected but she is such a cutie and I can tell that she is going to be fine fleeced with that short, crimpy consistant fleece across her body.

My time and the weather has not been a good match to get pics. up of ewes and rams that I have available for sale.  If interested in something particular, email me.  I will work to get details of available sheep.