Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ram lambs # 108 & #125

 These two rams are both Grand Luxe offspring
on the left is #108, the right #125
108 has the katmoget pattern, with moorit based color.
125 has a moget pattern with the darker markings on the face and legs.  The pattern does not run down the neck, under the belly and up the backs of the legs.
 #108 was born April 2, 2014 he has a nice long appearance, his fleece has a very soft handle.  He has small scurs which shouldn't grow very much and a wonderful personality, very friendly, but respectful.
His Dam:  DLS Eve, Reg.# S35375 micron 26.4 Comfort Factor 81.7
His Sire: ShelteringPines Grand Luxe, Reg.# S34244 micron 24.9 Comfort Factor 92.4
 This is the crimp on his shoulder, click on the picture to biggify.
 This is the crimp on his rump.
 This is #125 he has a moget pattern. Born April 14, 2014.  His fleece color would be considered light grey.  He has very small scurs, just nubbins.
His Dam:  DLS Chloe Reg.# S35376 she is a light grey moget also.  Her micron 29.5 Comfort Factor 58.7
This ewe is one of a couple that I've kept in my flock and have bred to finer fleeced rams.  They have a wonderful handle to their fleeces, great sheen and nice length.  I am trying to incorporate their special traits along with finer fleeces.
His Sire:  ShelteringPines Grand Luxe Reg.# S34244 micron 24.9 Comfort Factor 92.4
 This rams fleece length is a shorter than #108, yet crimpy.
 This is the crimp at his rump.
These are two more to consider if you are looking for a breeding ram this fall.
I have two more special ones to show you hopefully tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ram Lambs #94 & #98

Ram #94 on the left & Ram # 98 on the right.
Both of these lambs are out of Sheltering Pines Grand Luxe
Registration # S34244
He is a wonderful ram that I have had the opportunity to use on my ewes.
These two have very typey shetland tails & scurs.
They both have the Katmoget pattern, although #98 on the right has the darker underbelly & rear.

Click on the photo to 'biggify' #94 has a nice crimpy fleece at the shoulder.
This ram was born March 21, 2014 -twin
I had a pic. of his fleece on the rump but accidentally deleted it while setting up this post.
But he has a consistant style of crimp through his fleece and it is dense.

 #94's Dam is Whistlestop 1113 Reg. # S33987
Her micron is 25.8 Comfort Factor: 92
Sheltering Pines Grand Luxe, micron 24.9 Comfort Factor 92.4

This is #98, he is a nice solid ram, he is was born March 23, 2014 - twin
Dam:  DLS Sweet Pea Reg.# S36683
Sire:  Sheltering Pines Grand Luxe Reg. # 34244
Sweet Pea's micron 23.6 Comfort Factor 90.2
Grand Luxe micron 24.9 Comfort Factor 92.4

This ram has nice wide scurs and color.

His fleece is a very nice fawn color and he has crimp!

This is the crimp on his rump.

This guy has a nice look to him and a great personality.

I have a few more ram lambs I will be posting about that will be available.
They all have respectful dispositions and would make a positive addition to any flock.
We have been breeding for finer fleeces and these are some of the results.
Inquire by email if interested.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Our Flock

This is our entire flock of ewes and lambs.  I have several crossbred 2yr.old ewes and 2013 crossbred ewes available.  Several shetland ewes are also available.
I have posted a couple pictures under the 'for sale' tab....of course my camera is acting up and I could get certain pics. I will try and take more Saturday.

Saturday, July 9, 2014 I will be demonstrating spinning at the "Heritage Forest Festival" at the Tuscarawas Co. Fairgrounds.  If you are in the area stop by, this is a free event and we will be spinning under the grandstand.