For Sale

We currently have Rams, Ewes &
Ewe lambs available for sale.

Above and below; Barqs a 7yr old polled moorit gulmoget Ram.
Available for $200.00 
Barq's pedigree is here.
Below;  Sonny
Sonny is 1yr old this spring.  He is a very nicely marked katmoget ram.
He has a very nice grey color in his fleece.
His horns have a small spiral and have good placement. 
Sonny is available for $350.00  SOLD!!!
 Sonny's pedigree is here.
Below; Diamond Fred
Diamond Fred A.K.A. Fred is a 1yr. old black katmoget ram.
He has scurs for horns. 
His pedigree is here.
Fred is available for $350.00
The next eight pictures are of Lucy, a moorit ewe and her lamb, also moorit.
Lucy's pedigree is here.
Lucy is also the grand dam to the little ram that I've post on
the main page.

Morrit ewe lamb above, her dam is Lucy. SOLD
Her Sire's pedigree is here.
Lucy above SOLD
Lucy's fleece above
Lucy above 
Lucy above
 Lucy's lamb above. SOLD
Lucy and her moorit lamb above.
Lucy above.
Ewe lamb, musket in color, moorit (brown) based color.
This is a striking ewe, with a longer wavy fleece.
Another picture of above ewe.
same ewe as above,  I didn't make note of her ear tag at the time
to attach her lineage.  She is purebred and can be registered.
Above ewe is Autum her pedigree is here. 
Above ewe is Chloe her pedigree is  here. SOLD
 Above ewe is Galaxy, her pedigree is here.  SOLD
Above ewe is Martina, her pedigree is here.  SOLD
The lambs below are all ewe lambs, all can be registered.
They are purebred shetlands.
Above, black ewe  SOLD
Above, gulmoget ewe lamb.
Above very light colored ewe lamb, maybe a light katmoget pattern.  SOLD
 Above black and gulmoget ewes.  SOLD
Above gulmoget ewe.

If interested in any of these sheep contact be directly
by email.

Thanks for looking!

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