Tuesday, June 29, 2010

too busy.....

It has been so busy these last few weeks, between getting the new sheep, the new pup, making hay, moving hay, mowing the yard, graduation parties, the heat, the rain.  You name it, we've got it going on.  I have finally posted some pictures, still need to get more. 
Next week I have a surveyor coming to locate the property pins so we can expand our pasture to the property line.

Mioget ewe

This is another angle of one of my new ewes.  The weather has been so hot they don't want to leave the trees.

Mioget ewe and lamb

This pic. shows one of the ewes that I am really excited to have.  She is a lovely mioget and her lamb is just as gorgeous.  I believe she is katmoget, with that beautiful mioget color also.

Cooling off in the Trees

OK....I know, it is difficult to see them.  But it has been so hot out that they spend their days in the trees where it is much cooler.
There are two sheep in this photo a ewe on the left and her lamb behind the greenery on the right.

New girls!

This have some of the new girls, it has been difficult to get pictures right now.
The one in the front is one my husband picked cause she is just so friendly and so sweet.
There are four behind her, two ewes with their ewe lambs, all gray in color.  Can't wait to see those fleeces grow out.  I won't feel so bad about dyeing these fleeces, I just hate to dye the natural colored ones.  The browns, darker grays and black.

into everything...

We put a round bale in with the sheep, since it didn't wrap correctly.
They are enjoying it quite nicely.  The little guys like to jump up on it.....as long as they don't jump from it, over the fence....all is good.

Claire's little girl is changing color...

Meet Bonnie, this is Claire's little girl.  I was hoping when I seen in her earlier pictures some white in her ears that she might change color and she is.
She is going to be gray, right now she is darker gray in her shoulder and neck area and lightens up toward her middle and rump area. 
She is gorgeous!
Can't wait to get my hands in her fleece next year when we shear.
We chose the names of gansters for the three we are keeping in our flock, two ewes and one ram lamb.  Cause the are also ways into something, so this is Bonnie.  The ram is Clyde and the other little ewe is Blanche.

Meet "RED"

This is our new buddy, Red.  We went and picked him up Saturday, June 12th.  I am truely amazed at how well he listens.  His previous owner Cathy Stein from Blue Rock, Ohio did a wonderful job with him and all his litter mates. 
Red is an English Shepherd.  This breed was known originally as the "farm dog" or "farm collie", way back when there were many farms around and most had a dog, this was the type of dog that they had. 
To help with everyday jobs on the farm.  My plan for Red is to help me with the sheep, herding them.
So far he is interested in the sheep and just figuring things out.  He does get to stay in the house with us, as I think this will make him a better dog and listen better also.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Herding Dog

I have been researching some of the herding breeds of dogs for some time.  I want a dog that will help me with the sheep, yet be our buddy.  I don't want an intense dog that wants to go all the time.
I am going to look at an English Shepherd this weekend.  I think this might be what I am looking for...

New Shetlands.....

Today I have stayed home from my j.o.b. so I can be here when my new shetlands arrive.  I  am trying to grow my flock, but haven't been very successful by only getting one ewe lamb in 2009 & two ewe lambs in 2010.  So I went out and bought three adult ewes and their ewe lambs. 
I'm excited to get them here, I will try and get some pics. today to post.