Tuesday, April 22, 2014


UGH.....I have had computer problems!!  It's time for an upgrade!
Chloe delivered these tiny katmoget twins Monday, April 14th a ram and ewe lamb.  Both look to have nice fleeces, I would say fawn in color.  As you can see I accidentally tried the 'movie' mode on my camera and
right now it is looks like I've got it in some sort of loop....crazy, guess I need to play around with my
camera a little more too.
Chloe http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S35376
Bred to Grand Luxe  http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S34244

Now that the computer is working I will get a tally on my total count in my next post and
hopefully some lamb action pictures......we will try.!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Esther http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S35377
delivered these two cuties this morning, both ram lambs.
Sired by Grand Luxe

If someone is looking for spots.....we've sure got them!!  Both ram lambs.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Lacy delivered these two ewe lambs last evening.
Lacy: http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S30336
Bred to Grand Luxe: http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S34244
I plan to keep both of these girls, as I have a limited amount of black ewes and hope to put these to my Black whistlestop ram in the future.

  I have had several ewes deliver between my last post and today, but all were crossbred and I just didn't get pics. of them all.  Thank goodness for lamb tags!  I've found that to be the most important task to do immediately and keep a written record.
It's much easier to review a sheet of paper for statistics like....how many lambs born, how many ewes delivered, how many ram lambs, how many ewe lambs.....much easier than trying to count a bunch of bouncing lambs in our 'nursery'.
We have two ewes yet to deliver that will give us our final shetland lambs for this season.  Can wait. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014


When I went out to the barn this morning Nugget has delivered these two cuties, one ram & one ewe.
I moved them into the nursery and went off to the Farmer's Market to sell my wares.
Nugget http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S35380
Ram; Duroy http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S34126

Everyone is doing well in the nursery this evening.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is Eve. http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S35375
She is our first home grown fine fleeced shetland.  Last year she gave us a fine fleeced little ram that we
kept and added to our group of keeper rams.
This year Eve has delivered another awesome little ram...who I dare say may be finer than his half brother.
This little guy is Katmoget pattern, and I would say fawn in color.  He is just precious.
His Sire, Grand Luxe   http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S34244
Grand Luxe has an amazing fleece and micron to boot. 
Mic Ave 23.4  SD 4.4  CV 19  CEM  8.1  <15 2.2="">Not bad for 4 years old.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Galaxy  http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S27196
delivered these lambs Tuesday evening.  A ram and ewe, both are all white.
She was bred to Duroy http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S34126
These lambs are a nice improvement in fleece type from their Dam.
.....expecting more little ones tonight,  as Eve is in labor.  Hopefully more pics. tomorrow.