Sunday, April 21, 2013

Splash's Lambs

This is Splash, today she delivered two nice size ewe lambs.  This ewe is not mine, she belongs to Dave L.  Will update post with ram info. once he has confirmed his records.

Oregon's Lamb

Saturday, April 20th Oregon delivered this single ewe lamb, out of ram; Grand Luxe.
Katmoget markings and some spotting, plan to keep this lamb.  I am quite excited about the micron results on this ewe 
Mic. 25.8 / SD 3.5 / CV 13.6 / CEM 6.0 / CF 92.0 / SF 23.7
She has the highest CF in my flock, what a great ewe to build a flock with.
Still expecting about 12 more ewes to deliver.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Eve's Lamb

Eve delivered twin rams today while I was away demonstrating at Perry High School with lambs.
Hubby was home to assist, but her first lamb died shortly after being born, though we do have this second lovely lamb, who has a wonderful crimpy fleece.
This lamb is out of my Black Whistle Stop Ram.

Lambs going to Perry High School

These ewe lambs had the opportunity to go to Perry High School in Stark Co. Ohio for higher learning......but they were the Teachers!!
These 8 week old lambs were a big hit with all the students and Faculty at Perry High School.  The (Fiber) Arts Department worked in an in-house field trip for the 1st. graders' from Watson Elementary, the Algonquin Spinners and Weavers Guild had to opportunity to participate in their program by providing the experience of spinning, weaving, kumohimo and to experience Shetland Sheep.
The most asked question they bite!
It was great fun to give the children the experience of the sheep and learn a little bit about them and what can be done with their wool.  Everyone had the chance to touch these little ewes and just loved their softness.
This was a most pleasant experience for myself and I'm sure it will make these ewes more people friendly.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nugget's Lambs

Nugget, first time lambing delivers twins!
Moorit ram on the left and a dark brown ewe on the right.  At least that is what the colors are at this time, over the next few weeks we should be able to tell if they will go musket like mom.
These lambs are out of ram; Grand Luxe.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Claire's Lambs

Claire gave us triplets this year, two rams and a ewe.  The lambs are Shetland, Rideau Arcott Crossbreed.
Claire is the first sheep that I ever had, She is now 9 yrs.  We will breed her one more year and She will then get to retire and just be a resident sheep.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Excelsis & Bonnie's Lambs

Excelsis delivered these two little rams early this morning, beautiful moorit colors on both of these guys.  Out of Ram, Bargs.  Was really hoping for some ewes out of this old girl, she is 9yrs with a
26.9 Mic.Avg, 5.4 SD, 20.1 CV, 12.0 CEM, 76.0 CF, 26.0 SF
We may try one more breeding from her, after that it's retirement time.  She is/has been a great old ewe.

Being born is such hard work......just couldn't stay upright, flat on his side with his head up.

Bonnie delivered this ewe on the left and ram on the right this afternoon.  Some assistance was needed as they are both good size.  These lambs are out of a crossbreeding with the Rideau Arcott Ram.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Galaxy's Lambs

Galaxy delivered this ewe and ram lamb today, as expected.  This was a planned Crossbreeding so white lambs were expected:)

Today I started all the other lambs on grain with a creep feed gate.  They all love it in there and are munching on their pellets, they love their own little space.


Friday, April 12, 2013

breeding program snafu

     After much discussion about patterns, markings and coloration of lambs born prior to this has been determined that who I thought I bred certain ewes to MAY NOT have been so.
     Lacy, the most recent ewe to deliver produced exactly what I expected for the ram that I put her in with, at this time I have had no new deliveries and expect that from this point forward lambs born should be from whom I expect them to be born from.
     I have checked into DNA testing and have found a place that will test at the cost of $40 per sample, there again each of the rams would need tested, the ewe who delivered and the offspring, to determine parentage.
     On the brighter side, I have had more rams than ewes born which will not be staying anyway.  We have seven ewe lambs and these will not all be staying either.  Some will be offered as 4H projects and may not be sold as registered animals.
     Any of these ewe lambs that I do decide to keep and register, I will have the DNA testing done, as I do want legitimate and accurate bloodlines recorded.
     Now, from experience during year 2013 we will be planning and spending more time to strengthen the ram fencing, also securing the breeding pens with not only a wire panel between pens, but plywood too.  Haven't witnessed any of the mishaps, but some think that breeding has or may have taken place between the wire panels.  I have witnessed ewes rubbing their rear ends on the panels between the pens.
     Yet, I do feel confident that lambs born from this day forward will display the correct coloration, markings and patterns of who they were planned to be bred to.
Stay tuned, we have approximately 18 ewes yet to lamb:)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lacy & Cadbury's lambs

Above, Lacy with her lambs, a ram & ewe.  Lacy was crossbred with a Rideau Arcott Dairy Ram.  I did some cross breeding last year with this ram and bred a few more ewes to him this year.  Hope to do some line breeding by keeping several of these ram lambs to use on the crossbred ewes I kept from last years breeding.  You can see those girls under the tab; 2012 Lambs.

This is Cadbury with her lambs, the brown lamb in fore front is a ram and the black one, behind is a ewe, this little girl will be grey.  You cannot tell from this pic. but she has sugarlips and white hairs in her ears.  You can also see the lighter color on her front shoulders.

That's all for far.....

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Flora's Lambs

Flora was in labor since this morning.  Up and down, back and forth, but no real progress all day.  About 6pm she finally delivered the first of two lambs. 
Octavius, our Llama couldn't help but check out this new little lamb delivered into his flock.  Flora continued to paw the ground, so before she delivered her second lamb I moved her into the pen with all the new mom's and their lambs.
Flora had two ram lambs, the one on the left black, on the right brown.
It always amazes me how quickly they are up and looking to nurse once delivered.  I don't think 15 minutes has passed on any of these lambs from the time they are born, to standing and nursing. 
Just amazing!

Angie's lamb

Today Angie delivered a single ram lamb.  His pattern is interesting, he has two white socks, the under belly is light in color and you can see his face markings.
The sire is Whistlestop #1107, an all black ram.  Pairing him with this all black(with white fibers coming in) ewe, I expected most likely a black lamb.....not this pattern.    But still loving it!!

Esther's lamb

Esther, bred to Grand Luxe, delivered a single ram lamb.  Born Saturday, 4/6/2013.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lialac's tripletts

Lialac has given us triplett's again this year.
From left to right; ewe, ewe and ram.  These lambs are out of Duroy (ram), he is also all white.  I was really hoping for some white shetlands, since I have none that are solid white and she has great sheen too.
This one is on my list as a keeper, didn't look as close at the other two, but did notice that the ram has horn buds.   Will keep updating as new deliveries arrive.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mimosa's Lambs

Mimosa delivered these lambs later in the evening on April 4, 2013.
A moorit ram with gulmoget markings on the left and a Katmoget possibly fawn ewe on the right.
Out of Bargs.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Lambs

We are now beginning to have lambs born.  I will try and post pictures daily as they arrive.  Some of these will be available for sale once weaned in 6 weeks.  Some of these ewes will also be available.
Today we had three ewes deliver.
Above pic. shows Autums lambs, out of Bargs.  The black lamb is a ram, the brown a ewe.

Above pic. Mimosa delivered one ram, laying in the back and one ewe, nursing.
Above pic.  #25 Crossbred ewe (Shetland x Rideau Arcott) delivered one ram lamb.  This ewe lambed 3 weeks early.

We have many more ewes to lamb, keep watching for updates.

Ice cream cone baby hat

I made this hat for a friend from a picture that she had.  It came out better than I expected!  We have yet to adorn it with sprinkles, maybe colored buttons or beads.
I designed the pattern myself, a simple K2,P2 ribbing, about 2 inches, then knit a couple rounds, then purl about 6 or 7 rounds.
Reduce on the first round of knit stitches for each section.  Then top with a knit cherry!!
If this doesn't put a smile on your face when placed on a baby's head I don't know what would. :)
....I see a few more of these in my future...