Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fencing project: Day 4

We had a short day of working, due to rain most of the morning....but still we were able to finishing
getting all the inline strainers attached to all the corner posts.  This is a far off picture of one of the interior
corners.  We will actually have two separate interior areas.  A smaller enclosure around the barn, maybe the ram area.  Then another area just to the outside of this as a rotational area.

This corner and the one at the other end of the trees are part of the interior fence line, also the second rotational area I mentioned above.  Now I can try and get all those t-posts aligned and stretched in between. 
Now we are ready to stretch fence whoo hoo!!
Since we are putting this up ourselves and have never put this type of fence up, we wanted to do it correct.
So I've been following the "how to" instructions on  as this is the fencing I am using.  The high tensile wire knot was confusing in the written instruction with still pictures.  So I did find a you tube video, which I've added to my blog in a posting today.  Quite simple when you can watch someone else do it. 

The girls are tired of being cooped up in the barn, they go to the fence and stare at the grass....trying to will it to them, or think how can I get out there!!
With great ambitions I hope to have them in grass by this weekend!!!
.....that's all for today, we'll see how much we get done for tomorrow's post.
...stay tuned...

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