Monday, May 27, 2013

Wrapping up The 2013 Great Lakes Fiber Show

As I review the pictures I've taken, I wish I had taken more photos.  But this is the second year I've helped assist with the fleece judging and some how I always run out of time and don't get out to take more photos.
Although, I don't mind getting to see all those lovely fleeces that are entered into the competition and get to talk to many of the exhibitors about their sheep.

I had entered several fleeces in the competition.  Taking Third place in the Medium and Coarse classes.
Above is Claire's fleece a grey shetland, whose fleece is one of my favorites. -Medium-
Below is Lacy's fleece a black shetland with age greying white fibes coming into the fleece-Coarse-


The ALGONQUIN SPINNERS & WEAVERS GUILD set up near the fleece judging to assist with sales of fleeces and help during the judging.

Fiber enthusiast purchasing fleeces and making that big decision about which one......or two to buy.

Simona M. demonstration to a visitor the drop spindle technique.  Simone is quite the hand spindle spinner, who I had to insist that she enter a skein into the skein competition and of course she took 1st place in the fine plied yarn class.

Dave L. talking with the fleece
Judge about some fleeces.

Another great kick off of the fiber festivals to come yet this year, I had a great time and always look forward to this festival and all the wonderful 'fiber folks' that I meet each year.

......may your pastures be lush and your fleeces fabulous!

Brown Betty's lamb

Brown Betty delivered this moorit ewe lamb on May 19th.  She is a very nice dark brown still and I hope she stays this way.  Just love having the variations of brown.

Just love this picture.  The white ewe lamb on the left is a crossbred.  She was also born on May 19th.  We haven't named any of the crossbreds, but this one we call 'spot'.  If you look closely on her neck she has a single circular black spot and those big ears just make me smile, hope she grows into them.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

thinking of cooler days

We have had some pretty warm weather for May, so right now this picture of Red out in the February snow looks pretty cool........although it wasn't at the time.

Today my camera is causing me fits, maybe it needs charged or just a new battery, need to find out quickly as We had two new arrivals today.

Brown Betty, a shetland delivered a single ewe lamb today, moorit.
and this afternoon, one of my crossbred ewes delivered a single ewe lamb too.

I have one Shetland yet to deliver and she may be a few days yet.

We also have the Great Lakes Fiber Show coming up May 25th & 26th.

The Guild that I enjoy membership with "Algonquin Spinning and Weaving Guild"
will be taking part in helping with several areas at this event.  Our members help to man the information booth, this year we will also have a booth for our guild members to sell their wares and we will be playing a big part in man-ing the Fleece show event.
This show is growing every year and is the only local fiber event in our don't miss it if you have the opportunity.  It is FREE to get in, you can't get better than that.  Check out the WebSite, all kinds of events will be going on and of course you may find something you want to take home....from some yarn for roving to maybe even a sheep...or two.
....will post pics. as soon as possible on the new lambs.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Butter Cup

Butter Cup delivered this beautiful little ewe today.

This little girl is quite interesting, not certain if she is considered Katmoget or not, she has the dark underbelly and some markings on her face.....

Butter Cup was bred to Wintertime Barqs (gulmoget), I think she is going to be a striking ewe,
her fleece looks to be fine and crimpy.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Pea delivers

Sweet Pea delivered a carbon copy of herself.  I bred her to my Black Whistle Stop ram, hoping for emsket and of course this had to be a ram lamb.
This ewe's micron results; Mic 23.6 SD 5.4 CV 22.8 CEM 9.6 CF 90.2 SF 23.3

 This little guy may have some really good numbers too.  Not certain on his coloration, he looks dark grey or maybe emsket, but some variation on his side.  Maybe just too early to know for certain.
Definitely he is one to watch develop.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rambling Rose's lamb

Rambling Rose delivered a single moorit ewe lamb early this morning.  Had a chance to take a closer look at her this evening and I don't know that she will stay dark, time will tell.
My black whistlestop ram is the sire.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New grass

I should start by saying the #28, shetland/rideau arcott ewe delivered a single ram lamb today......I thought I had taken a picture, but when I loaded my pics. onto my computer I didn't have one, well all you have to do is look at the last two lamb posts and it would be the same:)

Today was a better day to release everyone into the new grazing area.

Claire with one of her lambs, who you can hardly see for the grass.
Longer view of the area fenced in for grazing.  I didn't leave them out but about one hour at mid morning today and again this evening.  During the week they will only get out in the evening, as I don't like to leave them in the temporary fencing when I am not here to keep an eye on them.
Everyone is this group behaves themselves.  Last year I had a few of the crossbred lambs that always had to eat the grass through the fence and then of course they would get stuck and I would have to pull their wool around their neck to get them loose, as it would wrap onto the fence.

This was a wonderful weekend....had new lambs born, worked on fleeces, pulled weeds and have the garden ready to be planted. 

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Complete Chaos at High Noon !

Today was the day I planned to put the ewes and lambs out of the barn and into some nice grass.  I had fed the girls some grain and filled the hay feeders so they could fill up on what they are used to eating before putting them on some grass.  I went out and set up my electronet fencing, came back into the barn and re-arranged the pens, (i rearrange more in the barn than in the house) the ewes yet to deliver will be staying in the barn and preparing to release the ewes with their lambs.
Upon opening the gate, the ewes charged out of the barn, knowing they were getting grass.
The babies had never been out of the barn, but they followed along into the big open world with no roof. the screaming starts.....Adults getting separated from lambs that were too afraid to step out into the great unknown big world and babies who did but lost their mothers!
The neighbors down the way had come out side probably thinking I was killing them because of all the ruckus, of course they didn't even know I had all these sheep tucked away in my barn......their small, they don't take up much room:)
After a while things began to calm down, this is Nugget with her lambs, black ram and brown ewe.

 We........Red, my English Shepherd and all the girls and their lambs walked the small fenced in area that they have access to and decided NOT to put them into the new area of grass until tomorrow.
................................We've all had enough excitement for one day................................


Ewe #26

This morning when I went out to the barn this shetland/rideau arcott ewe was nursing this little ram lamb that she had delivered sometime during the night.

Friday, May 3, 2013

#29 Crossbred Shetland ewe

Today #29 delivered this single ram lamb.  This ewe is 13 months old and managing quite well, tending to her lamb.  Sometime ago we attending a Sheep Symposium at Wooster ATI (agricultural technical institute), held yearly by the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association.  One of the speaker was a shepherd who maintains a large flock of market sheep, his experienced opinion was that when ewe lambs were bred at 8months old and delivering at 13 months of age, they "got it" about what to do and were good mothers. If bred earlier than this they were confused, didn't 'get it' and didn't take care/concerned with their lamb(s).

We hopefully will have more deliver this weekend.

Plan to vaccinate the lambs Saturday with CDT and turn them out with their moms.  While those still due to deliver will have to hang out in the barn were I can keep a watchful eye on them.