Friday, June 27, 2014

Fencing Project: Day 5

This was the first stretch of wire that we ran, it went pretty good.
We stretched the wire around this corner.....we were told that, "yeah, you can stretch it around the corner".
Well, we tried and that first line post that you see after the corner?  Well we snapped it off like a toothpick!
Thank goodness my son was here to help us on his day off of work.  Brian and friend, Dave came up with the idea to drill a hole into what remained of the post in the ground, screw into it a large aggressive wood screw and use my new post hole remover tool to pry it out of the hole.  It pulled right out!  I was so glad, cause I thought we would be done with our plan of finishing this stretch of wire.  Thank goodness we had a few posts left over and pounded a new one into the hole.  We were able to finish this run to the next corner.

This was a final stretch of wire to run today, we stopped at the far corner and called it a day.  We spent about 10 hours on this fence today.  I am thinking the we may get the final two stretches run tomorrow.
Check back later for would be great to get the sheep out in the pasture this weekend!

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