Monday, July 18, 2016

Rams for sale

 We've got some ram lambs that we held back and they have
turned into some really nice adult rams.  Above Mateo, 2yrs old
his pedigree is here.
This ram is a Katmoget pattern, that is moorit(brown) based color.
His fleece color is fawn.  Very gentle ram has a disposition that 
is wanted an any flock ram; not pushy or confrontational.
His 2015 micron results: Ave 20.3, SD 3.8, CV 18.5, CEM 7.0 CF 98.9
 Luxor, is also Katmoget pattern that is grey in color.  He also has
a very fine fleece.  His pedigree is here.
He is 4yrs. old his 2014 micron results;
AVE 21.3, SD 3.8, CV 18.0, CEM 7.2 CF99.0
another mild mannered ram.

Purebred Shetland Ram #26 -Grey Katmoget ram with exceptional fleece characteristics. 2 year old. Polled – no horns. Has good type and confirmation. Parents are WMB Gwenora Du Roi and DLS Evaristo.
Micron (Average Fiber Diameter) on Gwenora is 25.4 and Evaristo is 20.9 Well within the next to the skin range for spinners. Not registered at this time but NASSA and FASSA registry eligible. Great herd sire for improvement towards fine fleece standards.  $350
This is my Cormo/Shetland ram, he is now 4yrs old.  He is a 
wonderful ram.  I bought him as a lamb to cross with my shetlands.
His Dam is a shetland.....he certain doesn't look 1/2 shetland.
He sires beautiful lambs and would work great for anyone interested in 
fine spinning fleeces.  He would work great in a cross breeding program.