Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sweet Pea & Lialac delivered March 24th

Above, Lialac delivered this single ram lamb this year.  She was bred to my now deceased Whistlestop ram.  This little guy looks like he will be grey, although his legs look to be a solid black quite a bit of grey is showing through and what a face....quite speckled.  Maybe he is blettet? Another pic. further down in this post.

This is Sweet Pea with two lovely little lambs, both Katmoget pattern.  The one in the front is grey (ram)and behind  brown based (ewe).  These are also lambs from the late Whistlestop ram.

Little better view of these guys.

Lialac again, if you look closely you can see the tips of his ears are brown. Interesting!
I was surprised Lialac had a single this year.  The past three years she has had tripletts!
So, in the last four years she has had 10 lambs!  What a Sheep!  One of my favorites!

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