Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shearing Day

Our shearing day was moved up to Saturday, March 14th.  We began at 9:30 in the morning and finished up about 2:30 in the afternoon shearing a total of 61 head.  Of which only 44 were mine.  We included a few friends and neighbors sheep to take advantage of our expert shearers skills.
Soooo...I have many quality, gorgeous fleeces to choose from if you are looking for a spinning fleece.  I will be taking at least 10 raw fleeces to the Great Lakes Fiber Show, May 23rd & 24th and by then I will have washed fleeces that I will give to some Fiber Mills to process into roving and batts.  If you want a raw fleece contact me soon before I start washing them.
Above pic. shows two yearling rams that gave us beautiful fleeces, L to R, Katmoget  light fawn scurred ram, Katmoget grey full horned ram.  Both have had wool samples sent out for micron testing.
These guys are available as flock sires.
These two rams also are available for sale. L to R, Katmoget fawn scurred ram, Spotted Brown & White full horned ram.  These have also had wool samples taken for micron testing.
These 4 rams above are all out of Sire:  ShelteringPines Grand Luxe S34244.  Each ram is from a different ewe so their genetics are not related on the Dam's side.
 Forty-four does look like so many....does it?  With those fleeces off they look so much smaller...I'm sure after lambs we will find some place to tuck a few more into the flock. 
This past fall I put sheep coats on many of the ewes and am so happy with the cleanliness of their fleeces.
Many of the fleeces will be available, contact me via email if you are interested.
I will try posting some pics. of the fleeces when I can as we have also began lambing.

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