Monday, March 30, 2015

Autum, Buttercup, Sofia & Eve

Sunday was a busy day.  I spent most of the day in the barn moving sheep around and dealing with a frozen water hose.  While in the barn Autum, ButterCup & Sofia were in labor all day.  Later in the afternoon I made a makeshift pen and put all three in so they were contained to have their lambs.  We had made arrangements to go out for dinner....but only planned to be gone a couple of hours.  Of course Autum waited to begin delivering her first lamb soon before we were to leave.  I convinced my husband that we needed to stay home a little while longer to make sure that she delivered ok because of all the 'talking' she was doing and she was so large I didn't want to have problems if a lamb was not positioned correctly.
I assisted her with her first lamb who was positioned correctly and I felt better about going knowing that the little black ewe lamb that she had just had was doing fine.  The other two ewes where just hang'n out.
We came home within two hours.  I went into the house to change and slipped out to the barn to check on everyone.  I walked in to see six little wet lambs all together with the three moms around them.
It was not obvious to me who belonged to whom and I don't think they knew either.  Everyone appeared to have nursed, but what confusion!  It just figures that they would all have to wait until I left to delivery and I honestly do not know who belongs to who!  These will all need to be DNA tested...I had to do this a couple of years ago with a ewe and two lambs.  I used three different rams and they are all really nice, as are the ewes and the lambs?  Well, five ewes and one ram. 
I put lamb tags in and recorded them, but we will rely on the DNA to tell the truth.  That ended up being quite and expensive dinner date!
 I know the little black ewe is Autum's, I assisted with her birth, the beautiful little grey Katmoget....?
These two are beauties also, can't wait to know who there out of.......isn't this something?  You wait five months to see what your going to get, then they all come at the same time and the MaMa's just take care of them and you still don't know who is who.
I took pics. after I fed everyone, so of course I was interfering in nap time.
This little girl was covered in hay.  I don't know if you can see it but she has the wooliest head....hmm, just like her daddy maybe? 
This is Eve, I put her in the mix Monday morning, March 30th she delivered her twins, Katmoget and Moorit ewes.  Tagged immediately and mistakes on her. it goes....


  1. I've always jugged my ewes separately; I can't imagine dealing with this!

  2. Ahh yes, there was a time that I did that too. Events happened & didn't happen to give me more room in my barn this year. My chickens didn't get moved out to their unfinished new house and my temporary ram shelter didn't survive the snow load, so I had to make room for them to enter the barn....better arrangements coming this summer!