Sunday, March 29, 2015

Oregon ewe delivers Thursday, March 26, 2015 & other lambs

I have have been slacking at picture taking lately.  But I have been getting lamb tags in immediately.
This is my ewe Oregon, who of course came from Oregon.  She is of the Whistlestop Farm flock and I am so glad that I put her in with my now deceased Whistlestop ram.  So these little ewes are still pure lines that I will keep in our flock.     

The little one on the right looks to have spotting showing through her fleece.
This year I haven't taken pictures of all the lambs being born here on the farm.  I have quite a few that I have crossbred to sell as market lambs, but I wanted to show some of these lamb pics.  Can you guess which one is the purebred shetland? Well, if you are not familiar with the breed it is the little one on the right.  There is an age span of three weeks on these lambs.    

 The large white lambs shown above & below is out of one of my crossbred ewes who is about 1/4th shetland.  The brown lamb is 3/4 Shetland and 1/4 Cormo and still a nice sized lamb.  These cross bred lambs will make nice market lambs.  I have eight ewes that put to my Shetland/Cormo ram and we have half of them yet to deliver.
This morning is hopefully our last of cold weather that is trying to hang on.  The calendar says it's SPRING!
But the weather is telling us winter is trying to hang on.  The last two nights the temperatures have dipped into the  teens!  I'm tired of this and all the sheep have been huddling together to stay warm in the barn.  Today brings us warmer temps. into the 40's to low 50's ......can't wait!

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