Monday, March 23, 2015

Amelia delivers twins

 When I went out to feed and check everyone after work I found Amelia tending to your new lambs.  They had been born earlier in the day as they were all dry and already nursing.  She is being an excellent mom.  This is one of the wonderful traits of the shetland breed.  This is Amelia's first time giving birth, she is 2yrs old.  and I really don't expect more than singles from the new moms, but she has surprised us and is doing wonderful.

A better pic. of these two little ewes, Kamoget pattern, both appear to be brown based color.
Amelia is a daughter from my now deceased Whislestop ram.  The sire of these lambs is Luxor, who is out of an unrelated Whistlestop ewe and Sheltering Pine Grand Luxe ram.  So we are getting the WS line on both sides of the family tree.  One of these ewes will be available to a new home after weaning.

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