Sunday, May 5, 2013

New grass

I should start by saying the #28, shetland/rideau arcott ewe delivered a single ram lamb today......I thought I had taken a picture, but when I loaded my pics. onto my computer I didn't have one, well all you have to do is look at the last two lamb posts and it would be the same:)

Today was a better day to release everyone into the new grazing area.

Claire with one of her lambs, who you can hardly see for the grass.
Longer view of the area fenced in for grazing.  I didn't leave them out but about one hour at mid morning today and again this evening.  During the week they will only get out in the evening, as I don't like to leave them in the temporary fencing when I am not here to keep an eye on them.
Everyone is this group behaves themselves.  Last year I had a few of the crossbred lambs that always had to eat the grass through the fence and then of course they would get stuck and I would have to pull their wool around their neck to get them loose, as it would wrap onto the fence.

This was a wonderful weekend....had new lambs born, worked on fleeces, pulled weeds and have the garden ready to be planted. 

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I.

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