Saturday, May 4, 2013

Complete Chaos at High Noon !

Today was the day I planned to put the ewes and lambs out of the barn and into some nice grass.  I had fed the girls some grain and filled the hay feeders so they could fill up on what they are used to eating before putting them on some grass.  I went out and set up my electronet fencing, came back into the barn and re-arranged the pens, (i rearrange more in the barn than in the house) the ewes yet to deliver will be staying in the barn and preparing to release the ewes with their lambs.
Upon opening the gate, the ewes charged out of the barn, knowing they were getting grass.
The babies had never been out of the barn, but they followed along into the big open world with no roof. the screaming starts.....Adults getting separated from lambs that were too afraid to step out into the great unknown big world and babies who did but lost their mothers!
The neighbors down the way had come out side probably thinking I was killing them because of all the ruckus, of course they didn't even know I had all these sheep tucked away in my barn......their small, they don't take up much room:)
After a while things began to calm down, this is Nugget with her lambs, black ram and brown ewe.

 We........Red, my English Shepherd and all the girls and their lambs walked the small fenced in area that they have access to and decided NOT to put them into the new area of grass until tomorrow.
................................We've all had enough excitement for one day................................


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