Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Pea delivers

Sweet Pea delivered a carbon copy of herself.  I bred her to my Black Whistle Stop ram, hoping for emsket and of course this had to be a ram lamb.
This ewe's micron results; Mic 23.6 SD 5.4 CV 22.8 CEM 9.6 CF 90.2 SF 23.3

 This little guy may have some really good numbers too.  Not certain on his coloration, he looks dark grey or maybe emsket, but some variation on his side.  Maybe just too early to know for certain.
Definitely he is one to watch develop.


  1. You might check out Linda Wendelboe's website (; she's done a lot of test breeding on the various colors, especially the modified genetics.

  2. Yes, Thank you Michelle.
    I've added Linda's site to my blog list, a great source of information and now and easy place to keep it for reference.