Friday, May 3, 2013

#29 Crossbred Shetland ewe

Today #29 delivered this single ram lamb.  This ewe is 13 months old and managing quite well, tending to her lamb.  Sometime ago we attending a Sheep Symposium at Wooster ATI (agricultural technical institute), held yearly by the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association.  One of the speaker was a shepherd who maintains a large flock of market sheep, his experienced opinion was that when ewe lambs were bred at 8months old and delivering at 13 months of age, they "got it" about what to do and were good mothers. If bred earlier than this they were confused, didn't 'get it' and didn't take care/concerned with their lamb(s).

We hopefully will have more deliver this weekend.

Plan to vaccinate the lambs Saturday with CDT and turn them out with their moms.  While those still due to deliver will have to hang out in the barn were I can keep a watchful eye on them.

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