Friday, April 12, 2013

breeding program snafu

     After much discussion about patterns, markings and coloration of lambs born prior to this has been determined that who I thought I bred certain ewes to MAY NOT have been so.
     Lacy, the most recent ewe to deliver produced exactly what I expected for the ram that I put her in with, at this time I have had no new deliveries and expect that from this point forward lambs born should be from whom I expect them to be born from.
     I have checked into DNA testing and have found a place that will test at the cost of $40 per sample, there again each of the rams would need tested, the ewe who delivered and the offspring, to determine parentage.
     On the brighter side, I have had more rams than ewes born which will not be staying anyway.  We have seven ewe lambs and these will not all be staying either.  Some will be offered as 4H projects and may not be sold as registered animals.
     Any of these ewe lambs that I do decide to keep and register, I will have the DNA testing done, as I do want legitimate and accurate bloodlines recorded.
     Now, from experience during year 2013 we will be planning and spending more time to strengthen the ram fencing, also securing the breeding pens with not only a wire panel between pens, but plywood too.  Haven't witnessed any of the mishaps, but some think that breeding has or may have taken place between the wire panels.  I have witnessed ewes rubbing their rear ends on the panels between the pens.
     Yet, I do feel confident that lambs born from this day forward will display the correct coloration, markings and patterns of who they were planned to be bred to.
Stay tuned, we have approximately 18 ewes yet to lamb:)

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