Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Excelsis & Bonnie's Lambs

Excelsis delivered these two little rams early this morning, beautiful moorit colors on both of these guys.  Out of Ram, Bargs.  Was really hoping for some ewes out of this old girl, she is 9yrs with a
26.9 Mic.Avg, 5.4 SD, 20.1 CV, 12.0 CEM, 76.0 CF, 26.0 SF
We may try one more breeding from her, after that it's retirement time.  She is/has been a great old ewe.

Being born is such hard work......just couldn't stay upright, flat on his side with his head up.

Bonnie delivered this ewe on the left and ram on the right this afternoon.  Some assistance was needed as they are both good size.  These lambs are out of a crossbreeding with the Rideau Arcott Ram.

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