Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lacy & Cadbury's lambs

Above, Lacy with her lambs, a ram & ewe.  Lacy was crossbred with a Rideau Arcott Dairy Ram.  I did some cross breeding last year with this ram and bred a few more ewes to him this year.  Hope to do some line breeding by keeping several of these ram lambs to use on the crossbred ewes I kept from last years breeding.  You can see those girls under the tab; 2012 Lambs.

This is Cadbury with her lambs, the brown lamb in fore front is a ram and the black one, behind is a ewe, this little girl will be grey.  You cannot tell from this pic. but she has sugarlips and white hairs in her ears.  You can also see the lighter color on her front shoulders.

That's all for today......so far.....

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