Friday, April 19, 2013

Lambs going to Perry High School

These ewe lambs had the opportunity to go to Perry High School in Stark Co. Ohio for higher learning......but they were the Teachers!!
These 8 week old lambs were a big hit with all the students and Faculty at Perry High School.  The (Fiber) Arts Department worked in an in-house field trip for the 1st. graders' from Watson Elementary, the Algonquin Spinners and Weavers Guild had to opportunity to participate in their program by providing the experience of spinning, weaving, kumohimo and to experience Shetland Sheep.
The most asked question they bite!
It was great fun to give the children the experience of the sheep and learn a little bit about them and what can be done with their wool.  Everyone had the chance to touch these little ewes and just loved their softness.
This was a most pleasant experience for myself and I'm sure it will make these ewes more people friendly.

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