Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quilt & Fiber Art Show.......

Another deadline to meet, lately I have been putting myself to the test of time and deadlines.  Saturday I  warped my loom to make a scarf that I finished today.  This will be entered in a local quilt and fiber arts show in one week.....yikes!  Nothing like pushing the envelope.  Oh, and I still have a denim rug to finish!  Three more rows to crochet and run through a few wash cycles to get it to fray.  I will post pics. when I get that one done, for now some pics. of my scarf.

The finished product a 7' long scarf!

Close up of the pattern.  I used up what I had left over from making another scarf a few months back, I just changed up the pattern to use more of the light colors.  Really enjoy making scarfs on the loom.

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