Sunday, June 24, 2012

Osnaburg Quilt & Fiber Art Show

Thought I would put in a quick blurb about the Show.  It has been very nice weather, thank goodness no humidity in the air, as we are demonstrating in a building with no air conditioning, just some good ole fans.
To my surprise, my woven scarf has taken the Judge's Choice Award. :)

My sister's quilted wall hanging received the Judge's choice.

This is day two of working on the triangle loom.  We haven't been working on it continuously and it will be finished on day three, the final day of the show.

Working some kitchen towels on the loom.  I dressed it for four towels, I've made two so far.  Don't expect to finish them at the show.  Makes a nice addition to the show of what you can do and for those looking for their new hobby...

This quilt won Best in Show.  I like the contrast.

One of the quilts that I liked, it didn't win any special awards, I just like the Americana style.

...another quilt that I liked.  I admire the work, I just don't have a desire to make one.  I would rather get my hands in some wool.
Will post more pics. after today, the final day of the show.
....thats all for today.

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