Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dye Day :)

Saturday was dye day at our Guild Meeting, The Algonquin Spinning & Weaving Guild.  Once a year we have a dye day and create some beautiful  colors and just have a good time.
This was part of a dark fleece that was overdyed with "tomato", a color of dye made by country classic, this came out beautiful and will really show off  if spun in the lock.
more beautiful colors. Notice the roving on the left, this multi color can be accomplished as shown in the picture below.

setting the dye on the roving was accomplished using an electric awesome!
I didn't take pics. the whole day, but believe me more beautiful colors were created in this skillet.

This was created by sprinkling some additional color around the fleece while in a dye pot.

Pink too!!  Can't wait to see when Alli gets this spun up. 

This is where the fun is.  Creating all these fabulous colors, can't wait to see the final products.  The weather was very hot Saturday, but it wasn't that bad in the building we were in.  Mike the grounds Manager had a door on either end of the building open which created a draft through the building which was much appreciated for our dye day.

Millie, one of the Mill cats couldn't resist helping us with the wool.  We have several resident cats at the Algonquin Mill.

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