Monday, June 25, 2012

Final thoughts of the Quilt & Fiber Art Show

This is the finished product!  I almost forgot to take a picture, as you can see we started to take it off the loom while finishing the crocheted slip stitch across the top.
I wish I had taken more pictures of my great friends that helped me to show off their talents of the Fiber Arts. 
Nancy offered her expertise at spinning, Judy showed expertise at an almost lost talent of tatting & her latest knitting project.  Lynn has many talents, she shared her lockerhooking demonstration & finished project and her current Inkle loom work in progress.  Dave shared many of his talents for all those coming to the show, Great Wheel spinning, drop spindel, his rug punch work with wool & fabric and his diverse knowledge of many, many Fiber Arts and the history. 
Dave's most recent adventure is quilting with historical fibers and themes, I've added some pics. of his work below.
Mother Bickerdyke Quilt

Below:  Civil War photo Quilt & Artifacts.

notice the artifact at the bottom of each picture.....neat.

above pic. is one of the woman who fought in the civil war.

above pic. shows another woman who fought in the civil war.

~works of talent~

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  1. Beautiful Shawl! My fave color,of course.
    Thanks for the picture of Jesus, I really needed that prayer today.