Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Homemade creep feed gate

The girls have been yearning to get out into the grass, so the last few days I have 
been letting them out in the late afternoon until dusk.
Making them come into the barn and settle in for the evening.

Today's post is about my homemade creep feed's as simple as it gets.
You can go and buy a nice metal gate with spindles that turn as the lambs go through
You can make a homemade gate for much less and it serves the same purpose.
This is my basic gate.  I use inexpensive furrowing strips of wood that are 
8 ft. long from the local Home Improvement store.
I'm guessing that I used 8 boards for this gate.
I didn't get measurements on the gate tonight, I'm guessing it to 
be about 36 inches tall and 8 foot wide.
 This bottle baby is my "model".  You can see he is in front of the gate, 
 he is able to slip through the slots.  The slots are about 6 inches wide and about
10 inches tall.  You can see behind the lamb that I have two 8 ft boards next to each
other, this was added later to keep the yearling ewes from slipping through the gate
and eating the lambs pellets.  By adding the second board it has decreased the 
height to about 7 1/2 inches tall, keeping  those ewes from getting into the lambs space.
Pic. above shows how the lambs maneuver through the slots in the gate.
Some of the slots are a little wider than others and the lambs will learn 
which ones they can fit through better as they use them.
As my yearlings fill out and mature I will be able to remove the extra board
from the gate which will increase the height for the lambs.
It's pretty simple to make, I have several gates  that I've made using this wood.
They are not something I would use for a ram pen but they work just fine with the 
ewes and they are light and easy for me to move them around.
This is a view inside the lambs area.  Accessible only to the lambs.  They have
feeders that have lamb pellets in them constantly so they can eat at their leisure.
The gate off to the right is another creep feed gate that I have that needs some repair.
But I have flipped it over to use it as a regular gate, so I get double duty out of 
these gates too.  Just another tip if you are trying to keep your costs down.

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