Saturday, April 15, 2017

Skirted fleeces

 As time allows I've been skirting fleeces.  Above is a
gorgeous fawn fleece.  These will be available for 
 another beautiful fleece, an off white, cream color with some
light brown also is fleece.  Check out that staple length!
 another great fleece, this is what I love about the breed.  If you process
the fleece yourself you can separate it by color, spin it up and
have two to three different colors from the same fleece.
 Oh yeah!!  That is a mioget fleece above.
For those not familar with "mioget" it is a color
I just love and don't have alot of.  I would describe it as
a buttery blonde....if that makes any sense and yes this fleece will 
be for sale at The Great Lakes Fiber Show.
Another fine fleece with variations of creamy white, light grey 
and some darker grey.
All the fleeces I will be taking to sell this year are clean.
I invested in coats for the sheep and the wool is very clean 
from veggie matter.

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