Sunday, April 2, 2017

Butter Cup and Audrey

Above is Butter Cup she was bred to my Border Cheviot ram and 
produced these two cute ram lambs.
She delivered on Friday, March 31st.
I haven't had time to post them until now.
Friday our son was married so we have been extremely busy.
When I first learned of their plans to marry on March 31st the first 
thing I was thinking in my mind, "oh no"....we will be lambing then!
But we have survived! 
Another pic. of Butter Cup's lamb.  The Cheviot's are know for their 
distinct erect ears and it shows here.
  Above, Audrey delivered these two ram lambs this morning.
She is a daughter of Butter Cup and was also bred to the 
Border Cheviot ram.  Audrey has a nice fine fleece, but 
this was her last chance here.  This is her third time delivering lambs,
she has had twins every time but would only accept one lamb and 
was brutal with the other.  So much that I had to take it away 
and bottle feed it.   Well this time I am pleased to see that she 
has had twins again but is also being an excellent mother and 
taking care of both lambs.

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