Wednesday, March 8, 2017


What a pace we set this year.  We sheared our flock on Monday, March 6th.
46 sheep shorn in approximately 2 hours.  Of course three shearer kept us hopping.

 We shear all the boys first and put them back into their pen.  Keeping them in close quarters until they have the chance to snif and smell and re-establish their pecking order.  Shearing always causes some ruffled fleeces feathers with the boys.  Above is a new addition to our ram flock.

The above ram was roo-ed.  When we trimmed hoofs a week ago his fleece was loose and came right off.

Above ewes awaiting their turn.

Two shorn lambs and a yearling in the back.  The ewe lamb in the foreground was also new to our flock this past fall.  She has lots of spots, we hope to work with her and develop the cape flecket pattern within our flock.
 Closer view of the spotting on this ewe.  She looks like a Dalmatian.

More ewes, another spotted ewe in the center of the pic. and many pregnant girls that are really showing and hopefully will be delivering soon.  I will be posting pictures regularly as lambs are born.
...doesn't everyone love baby pictures?


  1. None of the photos show up. I want to see the sheep! :-(

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I think I've fixed the problem....i'm not so techi.

  3. Much better. :-D Love your new ram!