Sunday, March 26, 2017

#129 Willow

 Willow delivered this white ram lamb Saturday (3/25) morning.
We have had plans for some time to go to the Black Swamp market day 
and fiber fair to pick up and drop off fiber with Zeilinger's woolen mill.
The problem is this event is a three hour drive one way.  Normally it 
wouldn't be an issue because we wouldn't be lambing yet.
I was mostly worried about this particular ewe lambing, hoping she would deliver
when I was home.  You see, Willow is a lamb herself.  When we had the 
breeding groups together in November, my white ram, Royal busted out 
of his breeding group to seek and find who was in heat within the lamb group.
Well, a few weeks ago I would tell Willow was going to deliver and 
was concerned as she won't be a year old until April 4th and 
I've learned that many times a lamb under 13 months old "just 
doesn't get it" to be a mom and care for her babies.
So I was quite happy when I went out to the barn at 5:30am to find
Willow laying down with this sweet little ram lamb at her side.
We didn't get back home until 3pm, but all is well with everyone in the barn.

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