Monday, March 13, 2017

First lambs of the season

#70 Laurel delivered her first lamb, a little black ewe lamb.  She 
was bred to Bian 1107, our black ram.  
This morning when I went out to the barn Laurel was just lying down and 
didn't bother to get up when I went in to put hay in the feeders...and 
she always gets up, afraid I might get to close to her or something.
Somewhat of a scared-y cat.
When I finished with the hay I left the pen and just watched from the outside.
Soon after I left she began to push and I could see little hoofs.
I went back to the house, came back out about an hour later and
the lamb was up and had already nursed.  She had a milk mustache.
I penned them up so they could bond and went off to work.
 When I came home from work Autum had delivered this set of twins.
She was bred to Apollo.
The one on the right with spotting is a ram.  The one on the left
is a moorit ewe.  Right now she is very dark, but you can tell around 
her eyes the brown color shows.   We will get a better look at her tomorrow
after she has had more time with her mom.
Many more look like they are ready to go, we'll see what tomorrow brings....


  1. Flashy kat ram! Looks like you're off to a good start!

  2. Thank you! It's always exciting to see what you get from the parings.