Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#107 Regina and #53 Oreo

 We have so many things going on right now it is crazy!
Add to the mix two ewes that delivered today.
Above Regina, a grey katmoget and first time mom.  
Delivered these gorgeous white ewe lambs this morning.
While she was busy cleaning off her second lamb another ewe
that hasn't delivered yet stole her first lamb and coaxed her out of the barn with her.
That was the view I had from the house first thing this morning.
Rushing outside to reunite mom with babies and hoping that she would take them.
Being the awesome mom that she is, she did accept her baby, but was a little short 
on milk right off the bat, so I had to run off to the farm supply store to 
get some colostrum.  Once the belly had been filled with a few ounces of that 
precious liquid all was good.  A few more servings yet today and hopefully
mom's milk supply will be in full flow.
Oreo delivered these twin ewes today also.  She was bred to Barqs.
Sweet babies and she is such a good mom.  Of course that same ewe
that stole the lamb earlier today is lurking on the other side of the gate. 
She wants babies so bad. Hopefully she will deliver soon and be content.

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