Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shear, lamb, skirt...repeat

It's that time of year again...Great Lakes Fiber Show.
I am taking 11pounds of very fine wool to the GLFS so that Zeilinger's 
can take it back to their woolen mill and wash, card, blend and make 
more roving.

While finishing skirting the last of the fine wools to be blended I thought I would pitch in a 
very fine wool that I had dyed in batches last year but did not do anything with it yet.
So I am going to have it blended into the other wool, it should be
a beautiful green when I get it back.
We'll see, I'll show you when I get it back.

I will also be picking up my quilt batts that they will be bringing with them.
Anyone interested in real wool quilt batts, send me an email or call.
 I had 15 - 60X90 cheesecloth lined batts made
and several 81X90.  These are nice.

Turned the girls out late this afternoon.  You can barely seen them 
way out and off to the right.
 Enjoying the long grasses.
We have finally come into warmer weather.
The lambs are about ready to be weaned.  
This next weekend I will pen them all but the last four lambs that were 
born here, they are a little farther out.
They are all eating good and hopefully will 
transition well.

If you have some time this weekend, stop out at the Great Lakes Fiber Show
at the Wayne Co. Fairgrounds.  It is always an interesting show.

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