Sunday, May 8, 2016

# 1113 Whistlestop aka Oregon

 This ewe's name is Oregon appropriate since that is were she came from.
She delivered last evening these two beautiful white lambs.
On the left, a ram lamb who already has horn buds and to his right
a ewe lamb.
 A view from atop the ewe lamb shows two spots that she has, one around her left
eye, the other you can see on her back over her hips.

This is the ram lamb, he has some speckling on his legs.
Oregon was bred to my ram, Royal White.
We've been trying to get some white sheep for some time and 
finally this year we have 4 white lambs, 2 rams and 2 ewes.

I believe we have finished our lambing season.  Another ewe I had put in with our Gulmoget ram did not take.  We have finished with 33 lambs in total, 12 crossbred lambs which will be sent to market when they have gained our target weight and 21 purebreds; of which we have 7 rams and 14 ewes.

That's all for today......Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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