Saturday, May 28, 2016

Great Lakes Fiber Show

Fleece judging began at 7pm Friday evening for the open class.
We had 80 fleeces that were judged, another 51 fleeces 
that were just there to be sold.
I am amazed at the quality of fleeces that we had this year,
very clean all presented well in clear plastic bags.
It is a real joy to help with the fleece judging and sales.
I love to see all the fleece types and talk to 
everyone who comes in to look and purchase a fleece...or two.

Sales were good today, Saturday.  We still have
many nice quality fleeces available to visitors 
who will be coming on Sunday.
 Stop by, say "Hi"

on another note. ...
ending the day at 5pm to drive 40 minutes home
and care for my sheep.
Upon arriving home I immediately turned my sheep out to the pasture.
After filling lamb troughs with grain and watering everyone
my husband and I sat out in the barn for a little while
discussing our day.
We had noticed the lambs running and playing among the trees in the pasture.
After a little while one ram lamb comes hobbling back to the barn when he gets
close he starts bawling at us.
He had broke his back leg.  I went out and around him. 
He hobbled into the barn, walked right into an area that
I was able to pen off and immediately began
thinking of the options.
 We ended up putting a splint on his leg.
I crushed two ibuprofen in some warm water and
gave it to him by drench.
I think he knew he needed our help.  He held still the whole
time he was held and we wrapped his leg with gauze and
used a cut paint stir stick on either side of his leg for
a splint.  We will see how well we did when it comes off


  1. Diane, didn't make it to Wooster this year because of a wedding. I had a ram lamb break a back leg this spring. Splinted it with a paint stirrer and in 5 weeks he was as good as new. Glad the fiber show went good. I'll be back next year

  2. Hi Tari, I wondered where you were. The show was good and can't wait til next year. Yeah, this was a first for me too. Our little guy is doing well, we are at four weeks right now. A little while longer and we will see how well we did.